Participation in the Lloyd's
Specialist Insurance Market

Talisman Underwriting PLC - Participation in the Lloyd's Specialist Insurance Market

Frequently Asked Questions

Who does your research into insurance markets and Lloyd's syndicates?
Talisman employs the services of Argenta Private Capital Limited (APCL) which is a Lloyd's members' agent for research. APCL are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Who regulates Lloyd's?
Lloyd's is regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Both also have direct supervision of the managing agents of the syndicates we support.

Does Lloyd's have a security rating?
All syndicates at Lloyd's benefit from Lloyd's central resources including the brand, the global licensing and central fund. As all Lloyd's policies are backed by this common security, a single market rating can be applied. Lloyd's is rated: Standard and Poor's: A+ (Strong), Fitch Ratings: AA- (very strong), A.M. BEST: A (excellent) and Kroll AA- (very strong).

Who chooses the portfolio of syndicates?
The Directors choose the syndicates based on the information and analysis of APCL.

Are the shares in Talisman quoted on any exchange?
Talisman is not quoted on any exchange nor are there any plans to do so.

Are there any benefits of not being quoted?
The value of Talisman shares should qualify for Business Relief on death.

Who administers Talisman?
Talisman has a members' agent's agreement with APCL. For an annual fee and profit commission, APCL administers the underwriting business at Lloyd's and deals with all regulatory and compliance matters.

David Monksfield has responsibility for supervising the day to day operations of the company. He is assisted by Graham Hodgson, the Group’s Company Secretary. Graham is also responsible for the day to day management of the company finances.

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