Participation in the Lloyd's
Specialist Insurance Market

Talisman Underwriting PLC - Participation in the Lloyd's Specialist Insurance Market

Performance and Returns

How an Investment
Can Work For You Twice

Talisman may consider a suitable low-volatility investment fund as collateral for your investment in Talisman’s Lloyd's Specialist Insurance Market. This means your original investment continues to generate capital and dividend returns, and you also receive a return on your investment in Talisman. Please contact us to discuss what qualifies as a suitable investment fund.

This is a limited liability investment and is available only to High Net Worth Individuals.

Past, Present and
Future Performance

Since 2001, Talisman has generated profits greater than the Lloyd’s market as a whole in most years whilst in years of loss, it has sustained lesser losses than the market. Our July 2023 report has comprehensive data - please click here to read it.

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